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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Make fancy ones

Fancy ones are made from finished pieces of art. You can use any kind of top; appliquéd, pieced, painted - whatever your medium is as long as the basis is fabric. Please keep in mind that they will be stitched onto a quilt so they need to be sewable.
Baste the layers together, quilt (or not) and cut. I have used one of my yarn pieces for the samples.

You’ll need
Low loft, non-bearding batting
Light backing

Proceed as for the plain ones. It might be easier to draw the circles onto the light backing. This step was kind of scary.

Please do sign them on the back.-)


  1. I'm using this link on my blog to let others know how to make them... I don't have much of a following, I'm afraid, but maybe they will pass on the info.

  2. I might have missed it but what size do we make the circles...thank you and wonderful cause.

  3. What size circles for these? I seemed to have missed that part also....