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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Workshop at KYM

I while back I was invited to do a combined Make a Boob workshop and Playing with yarn class at a KYM meeting last Thursday. KYM is a women’s group at the Methodist Church here in Stavanger. This was my first test run for the Make a Boob workshops, and I’m happy to say it all went smoothly. I had been thinking about how to set it all up so the Bling and Boobs and thread (sponsored by Gütermann) were all neatly sorted in containers. The big question was how each participant would pick and stash their embellishments while working and I went with a simple and cheap solution: plastic tea spoons to pick beads and small items from the containers and paper soup bowls to keep everything in place. Worked like a charm, and they can be used over and over again.

This was such a lovely group of women; welcoming, fun and enthusiastic. 9 fuzzy flower quilts were made and a few boobs finished; I got to talk to lots of interesting ladies - and I was invited to stay for supper. A perfect evening!

Thank you so much for inviting me and letting me be a part of your group!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bling Drive, Rogaland Quiltelag

I was so happy when I was informed that my guild, Rogaland Quiltelag, would sponsor the project with bling. I got to go bling-shopping myself so I could fill the holes in the by now quite extensive Bling collection:

Ribbons and beads and flowers and buttons and whatnots in all the colours of the rainbow.

I’ll be doing a Make a Boob workshop at our May guild meeting next week, so it’s good to have everything in place.

Thank you so much, ladies of the board; it will all be put to good use!

Boob Mail, Rene'

Rene’ from Rene’ creates sent 8 beautiful bright and happy treasured boobs made from pretty fabric scraps.

Thank you so much, Rene’; they are wonderful!

Boobs, April Guild meeting

37 boobs from Turid, a fellow guild member who also invited me to do a Make a Boob workshop at her church group. Turid travels a lot and uses a lot of beautiful silk in her work.
Thank you so much, Turid, both for the boobs and the invitation!

Boob Mail, Sherry

Sherry from Sherry’s Simple Blog sent a beautiful box with boobs and bling. Sherry is a mixed media artist; just have a look at these brilliant fancy British boobs
and 10 plain ones

and ribbon and flowers
Thank you so much, Sherry; I love them!

Boob Mail, Darlene

Darlene aka SewCalGal sent a box packed with boobs and bling; no less than 84 machine quilted boobs fresh from the shower. She used samples from a machine quilting class she’s teaching and needed to wash out the markers. The washing (showering and stamping) makes the boobs even softer and more textured.

84 beautiful boobs, some with appliqué

and lace and ribbons and beads and ....
Thank you so much, Darlene; your support and enthusiasm mean a lot!