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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Make plain ones

Plain ones will be decorated at Make a Boob workshops during 2011.

You’ll need
A regular CD
Fabric for the top, any colour and style will be fine (got lots of orphants and UFOs? check out the treasured ones)
Light fabric for the back
Fine line fabric marker or pencil
Low loft, non bearding batting
Black thread

Using the CD as template, draw circles on the top or bottom fabric leaving approx ½” between the circles.
Layer the top, batting and backing fabric and pin the layers together. Please do not use basting spray as this might gum up the needles while decorating.

Sew along the line twice using black thread on top and bottom
Cut out the circles leaving a 1 - 1 1/2 mm outside the line.


  1. Any recommendations for brands of non-beading batting?


  2. Can I use fleece for the batting?


  3. Do you still need BOOBs? I'm willing to make some plain ones for you to decorate!