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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Make adorned ones

Adorned ones are decorated and will be used as inspiration at workshops and stitched into Make a Boob quilt(s). The quilt will be donated to the Norwegian Cancer Association at the end of the Make a Boob project. In case there are several quilts some might be donated to hospitals or other organisations that deal with breast cancer.

You’ll need
Plain one(s)
Beads, trims, yarn, lace, buttons, floss, fabric shapes; these will not go in the washer so have fun with it (no sharp metal objects though).

Attach your embellishments to the circle by hand using needle and thread. If you'd like to machine stitch your pieces, please check out the fancy ones.
Let the stitches go through all three layers and make sure that hard stuff like buttons and beads stay well inside the circle.
Please do sign them on the back.

A little warning: these are highly addictive...

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