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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bling Drive, Sentrum Håndarbeid & gaver

The manager of Sentrum Håndarbeid & gaver (located here) generously donated a rainbow of yarn to the project:
60 skeins of wool embroidery yarn (my medium of choice until I discovered quilting 12 years ago)
and 60 skeins of cotton mouline yarn.
Thank you so much; the yarn will add lots of brilliant colours to the boobs and your support is highly appreciated!

Bling Drive, Bernina Stavanger

The manager of the Bernina store in Stavanger let me loose in her spare button drawer, filling a bag with buttons. Now who doesn’t love buttons, and who wouldn’t love spending a few minutes with both head and hands in a drawer looking for pretty buttons! Thank you so much; your support is highly appreciated!

Bling Drive, Kontant Engros

The manager of my local hobby store Kontant Engros let me choose from lots of stuff at their store. They have a huge selection of pretty much everything (including quilting fabric and my favorite batting) and being a regular customer I knew my way around the shop, filling my basket with all kinds of pretty ribbons and stuff. Thank you so much, Wenche; your support is highly appreciated!

Bling Drive, Perlehuset i Stavanger

The lovely Hilde of Perlehuset i Stavanger let me choose no less than 40 bags of beads in her store.

Remember the candy stores when you were growing up? This was like that, all the fantastic mouthwatering colours and shapes you can imagine. You’ll find Perlehuset Stavanger on Facebook and her store located here (real life). Thank you so much, Hilde, your beads will look wonderful attached to boobs!

Boob Mail, Terri

The first Boob Mail ever arrived from Terri of QuiltsNCards this week; 3 finished ones and 4 plain ones. The leaves have to be paper pieced, they are so tiny and beautifully done, just look at them! Thank you so much, Terri, your boobs are highly appreciated!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Batting for Boobs

I have received some questions about which batting that should be used for the boobs, and here’s what I suggest:

I use a thin, flat, rather firm polyester batting (which goes by the name of “table batting” here) myself.

Light (not dark) and washed fleece or flannel will probably be fine, and also firm needle punched cotton or polyester/cotton blends. If you’re not sure, try rubbing it with a cloth to see if it beards a lot. If it doesn’t, use it.

The reason why I don’t want batting that beards is that the raw edges are exposed and fluffy stuff all over the boobs will not look that great.

So, try what you already have at home – and go ahead - make some boobs.