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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Boob Mail, Carolyn

Carolyn from Australia sent me the brightest batch of boobs. These will brighten up any day
And so will these.
Thank you so much, Carolyn!

Boob Mail, Eva & Grete

Eva and Grete made these wonderful boobs for the project

A pieced heart
A pair of appliquéd hearts

Some quilted ones

And a few plain ones.
Thank you so much, Eva and Grete; great job!

Boobs, March Guild meeting

Boobs from Liv Kirsten, a fellow guild & friendly little quilting group member.
Thank you so much, Liv Kirsten!

Boob Mail, Mary

Mary made and sent lots of bright and fun boobs; some plain

and some pieced.

Thank you so much Mary!!

Boob Mail, Tordis

Lots of pretty pieced boobs from Tordis who has put some of her UFOs to good boob use.
Thank you so much Tordis; great repurposing of an UFO!!

Boob Mail, Emily

Lovely boobs from Emily of Quiltdoodles; 4 appliquéd and embellished ones
and a plain
Thank you so much Emily!!

Boob Mail, Liv Ingunn

I received a big envelope from Liv Ingunn with 33 boobs; some plain and some not plain at all.

These little guys were grandson’s favourite.

Thank you so much Liv Ingunn!!

Boob Mail, Ranveig

Gorgeous boobs from Ranveig.

These pieced and appliquéd ones reminds me of the midnight sun over the mountains in the north of Norway where I spent big parts of my childhood.

A pair of log cabin boobs

And some fun textured ones.

Thank you so much Ranveig!!

Bling Drive, Hobby & Terapi

Lovely ribbons and lace and stuff from Hobby & Terapi in Stavanger. Pretty; oh so pretty!
Thank you so much!!

Boob Mail, Barbara

Barbara from Switzerland sent a lovely bundle of boobs all wrapped up in pretty lace. So pretty!

Plain ones
and an embroidered boob.
Thank you so much, Barbara; the boobs are wonderful and both the beautiful lace and the pretty ribbon will be used at workshops!
Barbara; the little tag has gone missing so I don’t have your blog address. Please do leave me a comment so I can link up. Thanks!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Boob Mail, Solfrid

Solfrid of Solfrid sitt hobbyhjørne sent the biggest package of boobs in history; 50 boobs! She wrote she had read on the blog that someone had made 15 boobs and thought she could beat that making 20. 20 became 30 and then 50. Wow, Solfrid, way to go!

I had to divide them to get proper pictures:
A total of 8 different fabrics
Cold colours
and warm.
Thank you so much, Solfrid; your generous obsession will do a lot of good!

Boob Mail, Tone

Tone of Tones hobbykrok sent 13 beautiful boobs:
adorned ones
and plain ones.
She also sent some fun ribbons and pink heart buttons.
Thank you so much, Tone; I cannot wait to see all these goodies on Make a Boob Art!

Boob Mail, Carol H

Carol of A Scot in Tennessee sent an envelope packed with a whole rainbow of 23 bright and cheerful boobs:
Lots of plain ones
and a few treasured ones
Thank you so much, Carol; they are wonderful!

Boob Mail, Nicolette

Nicolette of dutch comfort sent a dozen gorgeous boobs:

Some gorgeous mixed media ones with lots of details like ribbons and reverse appliqué
and some double sided treasured african and batik ones
Thank you so much, Nicolette; I love them!