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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Boob Mail, Magnhild

Magnhild sent all these beautiful boobs weeks ago, and again I am so sorry for being so late posting them!

Cheerful scrappy ones
Funky quilted ones (love the ones with the Nazca-ish lines!)
And lovely plain ones
Thank you so much, Magnhild, your boobs are added to the collection and will be put to good use!

Boobs, May Guild meeting

My friend, Inger Marie, brought a couple of boobs to Make a Boob Day at our guild, Rogaland Quiltelag. I insisted I would take pictures and post them before they got decorated, and here they are.
Kari brought a bag filled with beautiful ribbons. Some of them might be used for hanging boobs; I’m still thinking of additional ways of displaying boobs besides appliquéing them onto quilts.
I also found this beautiful flower in the bag.
Thank you, Inger Marie and Kari, for your boobs and bling and support; all good!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Boob Mail, Terri

Terri kindly sent her 3rd batch of boobs a while ago:

Darling little pieced ones

funky pieced and quilted ones
paper pieced ones (have to be!?)
and colourful scrappy ones
a total of 20 boobs – and lovely yoyos
Thank you so much Terri; you’re a star! I’m so sorry it has taken so long to post the pictures!

Boob Mail, Brit

Brit sent these 6 fun boobs all finished with crocheted bling on the front
and embroidered signatures on the back.
Thank you so much Brit, I love them and I’m so sorry it has taken so long to post the pictures!

Boob Mail, Ellinor

I am so sorry! Boobs from 3 contributors have not been posted; I took pictures, filed them in the appropriate folder and there they have been left unposted.

Ellinor sent these 12 beautiful boobs;
some pieced
some machine embroidered
and some plain ones.
Thank you so much Ellinor, and again, I’m so sorry!