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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Make a Boob at Solborg Folkehøgskole

The first Make a Boob workshop of the year took place at Solborg Folkehøgskole in Stavanger.
It’s very interesting to visit different kinds of groups from all ages and situations. The young ladies were sweet and fun and although their main focus is on making garments, they seemed to enjoy the handwork very much.

I brought 15 beautiful decorated boobs home. Look at all those details!

Thank you to the teacher and students for having me over and for contributing to the project!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Make a Boob at Fellesforeningen for kreftrammede

The last workshop I did in 2011 was at November 8th at a cancer patient group. I forgot to ask if it was ok for me to take pictures of them at work, so I cannot do so.

The boobs, however, can freely be shared with you.

Swedish Boob Art

I received an email from Eva, a Swedish quilter, who had read about the Make a Boob project and got a group project going in Förslöv in southern Sweden. Their group has 38 quilters, and with fabrics sponsored by Butiken Annalunda, they made this gorgeous Make a Boob art to be donated to their local Breast cancer association.

Well done, Eva & co, and thank you for sharing your artwork with me and letting me post your pictures!

Untangling bling

My friend’s grandmother, who is an avid knitter, donated lots of yarn for decorating boobs. They are now all untangled and put into bags and boxes.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

October 18th workshop

The second day-time workshop I was prepared to be alone, but I started setting up anyway in case someone would show up. I know daytime is difficult for many people. By the time I had unpacked my little suitcase (better to roll than carry your stash!) I was starting to feel unwell. In hindsight I am quite happy that I did not pass anything onto others.

I had to take a picture on this inspirational page on the wall, with sayings about light and sunshine like “With every loving thought we can catch a ray of sunshine for our heart”, “Those who appreciate little moments of happiness, collect sunshine for the difficult days in life” and “The sun often shines where you least expect it.” Great advice indeed!

I left early though, and made a few boobs resting comfortably on my couch.

Unfortunately I had to cancel the last of the scheduled workshops due to illness.

October 12-13 boobs

Boobs decorated at the workshops on the 12th and 13th of October. The pictures were taken the same day and unfortunately not marked with which day they are from - although I'm confident the first 3 pictures are from the first workshop.

Aren’t they fabulous!!

Make a Boob at a group meeting

I was invited to my mother in law’s group meeting the very next day (October 13th) and spent a wonderful evening with her group decorating boobs.

Such fun ladies!