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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Table of One

It’s about time I’d update the blog with pictures from last fall. I am so sorry about the delay; please know that the project is still going on with workshops set up for April and the backgrounds are being quilted!

The workshop on October 4th was very quiet as I was alone. I had set up a few dates for the members of the Breast cancer organization to choose from, and there was one person who did sign up for this date. You know how it is, things happens, you don’t make it to a meeting, that’s ok.

As I started spreading my stuff out on the table I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tidy up the bling containers. What a mess!

I’m using a white quilted background and a few boobs to show how they will be assembled. They will be gorgeous with all the different colours and bling!

Liz of Kaktus Quilts has started quilting the backgrounds on her longarm machine. The order was solid light backgrounds and matching threads as I don’t want them to compete with the boobs. Other than that – anything goes quilting wise. When it comes to sizes, I have given approx measurements, keeping in mind that they will hang different places. I’m thinking appropriate size for wall hangings would be approx 30”*40”. Tall skinny ones would work well too as they can easily be hung together.

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