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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Swedish Boob Art

I received an email from Eva, a Swedish quilter, who had read about the Make a Boob project and got a group project going in Förslöv in southern Sweden. Their group has 38 quilters, and with fabrics sponsored by Butiken Annalunda, they made this gorgeous Make a Boob art to be donated to their local Breast cancer association.

Well done, Eva & co, and thank you for sharing your artwork with me and letting me post your pictures!


  1. I read your blog. You have done brilliant job. I really love your Swedish quilter with different different boobs. Its looks so cool.

  2. I like this quilter with boob. I also try to make this types of quilter with different different boob.

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  3. Wow its very nice Swedish quilter. In this quilter you use multiple decorative boobs. I really like this.