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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Boob Mail, Krista

My friend, Krista of Poppyprint sent an envelope bursting with boobs and sugar free chocolate, all yummy:

15 plain boobs which are as lovely on the back side as the front giving even more options for decoration

And a set of adorned ones which has quite a viking look to them. That being said, I live in the middle of viking land (even our soccer team is called Viking) so I’m probably a bit biased. Anyway, they are beautiful!
Thank you so much, Krista!


  1. Really? A Viking look? Well, that was lucky! Most of the plain boobs were made by women on my November retreat, except for that top one which has one of my poppy seed pod prints on it. I am so excited about your project. A 4th friend (in the last 12 months) was diagnosed two weeks ago.

  2. Spectacular boobs being donated. Great project. I am working on my boobs to send you shortly. This project will touch the lives of so many people. As such, I encourage every quilter and fibre-artists to get involved.


  3. I do love the Viking Look!