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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bling Drive, Sentrum Håndarbeid & gaver

The manager of Sentrum Håndarbeid & gaver (located here) generously donated a rainbow of yarn to the project:
60 skeins of wool embroidery yarn (my medium of choice until I discovered quilting 12 years ago)
and 60 skeins of cotton mouline yarn.
Thank you so much; the yarn will add lots of brilliant colours to the boobs and your support is highly appreciated!


  1. How nice! I look forward to seeing some photos of women embellishing their boobs. I have a small stack to send to you.

  2. All the embellishment donations you are getting to finish of the boobs look great.

  3. I blogged about my latest boobs, today. I'll be sending you the ones in the pictures. There is a challenge to other sewers there, too.
    <3 U

  4. Very interesting site, haven't heard of this before until I read it at QuiltNCards! Love all the pretty colors of yarns and threads! Am going no to read more about this project!